Ready to explore Ivorycoast with driver Kasamba

Exploring Ivory Coast: A Road Trip Adventure


Our journey through Ivory Coast was a vibrant tapestry of culture, landscapes, and warm hospitality. With a skilled driver at the wheel, we navigated bustling cities, savannahs, and coastal towns. Here’s a glimpse of our unforgettable road trip:

Day 1: Arrival in Abidjan

  • We landed in Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory Coast. The city’s energy enveloped us as we weaved through traffic, passing street markets and modern skyscrapers.

Days 2-4: Abidjan Exploration

  • Our driver guided us through the heart of Abidjan:
    • Sunset Boat Ride: We cruised along the Ébrié Lagoon, watching the sun dip below the horizon.
    • Daytime Bus Tour: From the bustling CBD to historic neighborhoods, we soaked in Abidjan’s diversity.
    • Downtown Vibes: The city’s rhythm echoed in its vibrant streets, art galleries, and lively cafes.

Days 5-7: Grand-Bassam and Beyond

  • We drove to Grand-Bassam, a UNESCO World Heritage Site:
    • Colonial Architecture: Strolling through the old town, we admired elegant French colonial buildings.
    • Beach Bliss: Grand-Bassam’s palm-fringed beaches offered relaxation and ocean views.

Days 8-10: Yamoussoukro and the Vridi Canal

  • Our route led us to Yamoussoukro, the political capital:
    • Basilica of Our Lady of Peace: We marveled at the world’s largest church.
    • Vridi Canal: This engineering marvel connected Abidjan to the sea, transforming the city into a major port.

Days 11-13: Coastal Gems

  • Along the coast, we explored:
    • Assinie: White sands, coconut palms, and fresh seafood—Assinie was a beach lover’s paradise.
    • Sassandra: Fishing villages, mangroves, and colorful pirogues painted the landscape.


Our road trip through Ivory Coast was a symphony of flavors, colors, and laughter. With our driver as our guide, we discovered a country that remains unknown to many—a place where history meets modernity, and every turn reveals a new story.