Fabrice and Dominiek in Villa De Leyva, one of the most charming Colombian villages

Colombia is a country of variation and contrast. From beautiful mountain landscapes to pristine rainforests, From beautiful colonial cities to attractive Caribbean beaches. The enormous cultural variety is expressed through different ethnic groups, dances and languages.
Not long ago, Colombia was one of South America’s best-kept secrets, but nowadays the situation is fine and it has never been easier to discover
The typical Colombian music styles like cumbia and salsa are constantly present and the colorful vibrant country everyone with open arms.
Together with my travelcompanion Fabrice and i travelled around Colombia for almost 3 weeks during the month of May.Here are some impressions.

Valle de Cocora
From the village of Salento we went to visit ‘ Valle de Cocora ‘ where the national tree of Colombia grow – wax palms that can reach up to 60 meters height. We did some incredible hikes in the valley.
Cali the ‘Salsa’ capital of the world
Cali is Colombia’s third largest city – just 100,000 people short of Medellin. It is also the self-proclaimed salsa capital of the world, but it has a lot to offer besides salsa.
Cali is Colombia’s third largest city – just 100,000 people short of Medellin. It is Colombia’s third largest city Cali is best viewed from above. The vantage point from Cristo Rey, the country’s largest statue of Christ. The statue is the largest of its kind in Colombia, although it may not remain so for long, and is the tenth tallest Christ statue in the world. At 21 meters high, not counting the 5 meter pedestal, the statue weighs more than 464 tons and can easily spotted from the downtown valley.

Cartagena this picturesque colonial city on the Caribbean Sea is rich in culture, architecture, romance.
The area around Guatapé is a lake-filled paradise
Guatapé village
The town of Guatapé, also called the Pueblo de Zócalos, with the cobblestone streets lined with colorful architecture is a must visit.
Tayrona National Park