Planning a trip to the Baltics? Make sure you don’t miss the southernmost country of the three: Lithuania. Lithuania is quite literally the heart of Europe and I loved my time there. If you only have a few days to spend in Lithuania you can visit the capital city Vilnius, the second largest city Kaunas and the Traikai castle in between them.

we have started our journey in the capital. You’ll probably start aswell your trip in the capital city Vilnius. This beautiful Barok city will give you a warm welcome. The city is quite compact, so you can discover most of it on foot. The best thing to do in Vilnius is just to start walking around and see where your feet will take you. After every corner there’s another beautiful building and behind every small alley there’s a lovely courtyard to admire.

The town Trakai is mostly known for one thing; the Trakai Castle. This beautiful castle is located on an island, adding even more romance to the story. You can reach the castle by a bridge, buy your ticket at the entrance and walk around the castle grounds. In the rooms of the castle there are exhibitions with objects from the castle. There are also several companies offering boat tours or Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the waters around the castle.

Kaunas is the second biggest city of Lithuania and it’s less than 90 minutes by car from Vilnius. Kaunas is also a wonderful city to explore for a day or two. The city center of Kaunas has one large pedestrian road all the way from the Old Town in the East to the New Town in the West. This makes Kaunas a great city for pedestrians. You can just walk and admire all the lovely churches and other buildings practically from that one street.