I have always been attracted to far unique destinations, where the scenery and culture is vastly different from home. It is that element of surprise or unpredictability of a new experience, a new culture, and new landscapes, that really appeals.

A few years ago, we went to Chile, exploring as many breath-taking vistas as possible in our 2-week holiday window exploring Santiago and the southern areas of Patagonia, Puerto Varas and Chileo. This is the longest country in the world, where the north is as far away from the south, as northern Norway is to north Africa.

There were many highlights along the way, the views of the craggy showy peaks in Torres Del Paine (shown in the reel) with the herds of guanacos and flocks of flamingos in the foreground. My first horse riding experience hosted by a Gaucho in Patagonia. Cruising up to the blue ice glaciers and the feeling of total escapism when coming across only a handful of people all day in the parks.

For me, this is what adventures are made off, and why travel is my passion. Returning richer from new experiences and memories of time well spent.