In front of “The Arc de Triomphe”, It’s the symbol of the capital of France and it represents the various victories of the French army under Napoleon.

I live in Belgium right on the French border, so I only have to cross the bridge and I ‘am in France. So that means I’ve been to France countless times. Seductive, melodious France has something for everyone, from the glitzy resorts along the sun-drenched Côte d’Azur to charming bistros and priceless art in Paris, pretty hilltop villages in Provence, and fabulous skiing in the Alps. And then there’s the wine and cheese, the art de vivre, and the rich history that surrounds you here.

A small village in the Champagne area near Reims

Much of the country’s beauty comes from the diversity of its landscapes, but it also derives from its exclusive haute couture scene and remarkable architectural heritage, which includes everything from stunning Gothic cathedrals and Romanesque churches to splendid Renaissance chateaux and striking Art Nouveau jewels.

Hinking in the French Alps