If you want to travel to Cyprus as well hire a car like we did. The Island is an ideal location for a road trip.

Exploring Cyprus by car. It’s not allowed to cross the borders. So we have rented a car in the South and another one in the North ( Turkish area)

The island is packed with hidden gems and off-the-beaten-track finds. We had to rent a car in the Northern part and another one in the Southern part.

Friendly locals

Cyprus truly is an island fit for kings and queens with its beautiful landscapes, traditional villages and inviting beaches.

Cyprus is full of amazing historical sites .The ruins of Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, Paphos is an ancient city inhabited since prehistoric to Middle Ages.
Visiting the Aphrodite rock brings good luck and youth

Cyprus is labeled as one of the prettiest islandsin the middle east. With an amazing nature, beaches and food it is portrayed as paradise on Earth. It is an amazing place to visit since it can offer so much, and has many cities that can be visited.

Viewpoint over the ocean