With rum, revolutionaries, and rich traditions, Cuba’s charm is impossible to resist. Our trips to Cuba are a visual feast. Classic cars rumble along cobbled streets in between yellow, crumbling colonial mansions, white sandy beaches, a patchwork of plantations, fields, and jungles.

Cuba is one of the oldest Caribbean islands, with fascinating culture born from a tumultuous, revolutionary history – with lively seaside towns, green rainforests and the colonial grandeur of Old Havana, Cuba truly offers a unique cultural experience.

The relaxed lifestyle in Cuba will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Cuba’s laid-back attitude is one of the things that make her stand out from other tourist destinations. Visitors to Cuba can enjoy their vacation without feeling overworked or stressed because Cubans take things slow and easy. This relaxed culture is the result of centuries of tradition and the country’s natural resources.

Cuba’s second-largest city, home to the country’s largest Afro-Cuban population, is located on the eastern side of the island, near Guantanamo. This location affects the weather and the southern coastal fringe, which includes the provinces of Santiago de Cuba, has a relatively dry tropical climate with little rainfall.