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Bahrain is as developed and visitor friendly as Dubai and Qatar . The island is flat and easily navigable by car.. it has developed public bus network whoever i have not used it due to hot weather and limited time i had. Bahrain gets less visotors especially in the summer as temperatures and humidity make it almost unbearable .. 40-45C .. i used local taxis and rented a car with a driver to drive me to key locations as my visit was v short. I used Diplomat Radisson Blu as a base and rented a room there to rest from the heat and change before return to Dubai (I came from Europe via Dubai in the morning on the same day) ~ very nice competitvely priced and clean hotel with a location 5 min by taxi from the airport.

Sights: I did research on Lonely Planet and eventually asked to be driven by car to: 1. Riffa Fort (Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed Fort) (nice restored fort far better maintained than 2. Bahrain Fort in the north of the island.. however there is much more history to learn at Bahrain Fort which is also worth to visit. All places were admission free. 3. Al Fateh Grand Mosque one of the largest in the Middle East modern and beautiful inside. 4. Muharraq Old District : very close to the airport .. it has some old city charm however for those who visited cities in Middle East eg Muscat or Old Dubai etc it will have little attraction in my view. Travel guides recommend a walk which can be done in 15min – 60min visting some old historic houses there. 5. Modern Manama .. it is a financial center with a few modern buildings resembling Dubai 30 yrs ago .. if you visited Dubai Doha or Kuwait City i would skip..